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Preventive Medicine

This is the practice of promoting and maintaining health and well being while preventing disease, debility and death from disease. The emphasis is on screening and examination based on age, gender, family history and lifestyle, followed by proactive management so that conditions are detected and treated at the earliest stage possible.
If there is a disease already present, the goal is to provide treatment to prevent further deterioration and reduce complications, and in some case reverse the condition and restore a healthy state. We provide comprehensive management of all your existing medical conditions and when warranted we recommend clinically actionable genetic screening.
Smokers are provided a complementary lung evaluation.

Men's Health Services

As men age, many health concerns become harder to ignore.
It is good practice to visit with a healthcare provider early to establish a baseline, and keep in touch to get ahead of any disease processes that you may be predisposed to becasue of genetics or lifestyle.
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Women's Health Services

Women's health concerns no longer just revolve around pregnancy and depression.
For optimal health, it is recommended that women are regularly screened for cervical cancer and sexually transmitted infections if sexually active, and breast cancer if there is a family history or beginning at 40 years old , which ever is sooner.
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For General Information about recommended screenings U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)
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