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Clinic Policies

Appointment Related Questions

Scheduling Appointments
In order to ensure that each patient has access to the practice and ample time to have their needs addressed, appointments will only be scheduled after the forms on the Patient Portal are completed.
      •     Completing the requested information in advance gives the doctor ample time to review your history and determine the amount of time needed to address your concerns.
      •     Once the forms are completed you will be contacted to finalize a date for your appointment.
      •     Depending on the complexity of your medical history and current concerns, the forms can be completed on the day of your appointment, usually within one hour.
      •     If you would like to make an appointment but need help with the paperwork, please call or Contact Us
Timeliness and Tardiness for Appointments
Your appointed time is exclusively reserved for you, and you can expect to be seen without delay upon arrival. It is therefore important to arrive on time, so that all of your allotted time is devoted to addressing your health care needs.
      •     Please contact the office if you are running late. Your time may not be able to be extended due to late arrival.
      •     Should you arrive late, we will glady see you for the remainder of your reserved time.
Appointment Cancellation Policy
Your appointment time is exclusively reserved for you, and can be cancelled with greater than 48 hours notice without charge.
      •     A cancellation fee of $60 will be charged if appointments are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.
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Communicating with the Doctor

Availability by Phone and Voicemail
                      Please call 911 if you believe that you have an emergency situation requiring immediate attention
My intention is to maintain close relationships with a community of mindful patients. I will strive to remain available and accessible, while honoring the time I need for my personal needs.
    •     Please call us anytime during working hours with questions at 425 - 867 - 9700.
    •     Voicemail are usually checked multiple times daily, but in an effort to leave work at work, weekend messages may be answered on Monday and evening messages the following day.
    •     Urgent concerns can often be seen in the office outside regular working hours if needed.
Availability by E-mail
•     Please e-mail via the Patient Portal for non-urgent matters including routine questions, refills, clarifications about your treatment.
•     E-mail is checked multiple times a day during normal business hours, but in order to leave work at work, weekend messages may be answered on Monday and evening messages may be answered the following day.
•     If your have an urgent concern, please Email Us and put " Urgent" in the subject line.
•    Urgent concerns can often be seen in the office outside regular working hours if needed.
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Payments and Insurance Related Questions

Paying For Your Visit
We understand the social, emotional, cultural and financial impact that therapeutic recommendations can have on each individual and the healthcare system, and strive to be conservative but effective with all our recommendations for labs, tests, medications and other medical services.
    •     All recommendations will be discussed with you and you will be provided with the information you need to make an informed decision about what ancillary services to obtain, and consequently what costs you may incur.
    •     For those who choose to use their health insurance benefits to cover part of their costs, and have meet their annual, your copayment ( if required ) must be made before your visit.
    •     For those who choose to pay out of pocket, or have yet to meet their annual deductible, we expect full payment on the day of service from you, the patient.
    •     After your visit is complete and payment is made in full, we will provide you with the appropriate documentation to submit to your insurance company for their records.
    •     Please see the Insurance Section below for additional information.
    •     We offer multiple Payment Options for your convenience.
In order to spend quality time listening to you, addressing your concerns and delivering the superior service that you should expect, at this time, Eylan Health contracts only with Premera Blue Cross (Heritage Prime, Heritage Signature, Global, Heritage and Foundation), Regence, and Lifewise (LifeWise Connect and LifeWise Preferred).

Insurance Reimbursement
If you have medical insurance coverage, and have met your annual deductible or your financial situation demands that you get reimbursed, please call your insurance carrier to verify :
    •     That they cover care provided by an "Out of the Network Provider" .
    •     The amount of the annual deductible available for "Out of Network"   care.
    •     What, if any, additional forms need to accompany the "superbill" in order for you to obtain reimbursement.

For visits that are considered "Out of the Network", after you have paid in full for your visit, we will provide you with the documentation you will need to obtain reimbursement from your insurance company for your visit. This itemized invoice, a "superbill" lists all the services provided along with the diagnostic codes required by insurance providers to issue reimbursement.
    •     We cannot file a claim form for you, nor do we perform any administrative function related to insurance claims or payments.
    •    We cannot guarantee that the reimbursement you receive will cover all of your costs
    •    We cannot predict what services your policy will reimburse
    •    We have no control over your coverage or how your insurance company reimburses
    •    Any reimbursement requested should be paid to you, and belongs to you, not us. If the insurance company sends us the reimbursement check, we will promptly write you a check for the same amount.
The Medicare system is exceptionally complicated, and requires an experienced and dedicated person to navigate it. If the rules are not followed exactly, the billing physician is exposed to fines, audits, revocation of license and even incarceration.
    •     As a solo provider, it is a risky proposition for me to divert time away from patient care to try to navigate the Medicare system at this time.
    •     If you have Medicare, I will be happy to be your physician, but you will be required to sign a contract agreeing to be personally responsible for all charges incurred for services provided in the office.

Please be aware that:
    •    The MEDICARE system will not reimburse you for any services provided by our office, neither will any secondary insurance that you may have in addition to Medicare.
    •    Secondary insurers usually pay after Medicare, but since I do not bill Medicare for anything done in my office, they refuse to pay.
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Medication Related Questions

Medication Refills
Refilling prescriptions is a time consuming task so please plan your office visits with your medication needs in mind and make refill requests then.
•     We both will make every effort to be mindful of your medication needs so that you will not run out of needed medications between visits.
    •     Please ask if refills are not addressed during your appointment.
    •     If you did not get refills during your appointment, please Email Us and include the name of your preferred pharmacy.
    •     Your request will be addressed within 72 hours.
Narcotics Policy
Opioid ( narcotic) medications are used to reduce pain and improve what you are able to do each day. The longterm use of habit-forming drugs such as narcotics and benzodiazepines is rarely in the best interest of patients or providers.
   •     Dr. Marshall will NOT prescribe long term narcotics or benzodiazepines, unless other means of alleviating the underlying problem that is causing the discomfort is being simultaneously addressed or have been verifiably exhausted.
    •     Whenever narcotics or other habit-forming agents are deemed a treatment solution, a Controlled Substances Agreement will be signed and included in the permanent medical record.
    •     If the parameters of this agreement is violated, the therapeutic relationship will be terminated.
    •     Having stipulated the above, every effort will be made to adequately address your pain and / or anxiety in an effective, multimodal manner.
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