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Risk Management III
Wednesday - May 14, 2014 22:11
Hello and Thank You for visiting!
So you have made it a goal to live a healthy, robust, life, but it does not appear to be working out. You are in pain; you feel ill most days, you are scared about incurring medical bills so you do not see a doctor. Quite frankly you feel miserable and depressed. 
So what is missing?    How do you go forward?  

I trust that you are reading this article to see how the principles of Risk Management can help.  Grab a pencil and paper to complete the tasks as we go along.
When implementing the Risk Management process it is critical to be as brutally honest and thorough as possible. 

The only value that you past holds going forward is that it informs you that you are where you are because of the things that you have been doing anbd if you are not happy where you are now, then a new approach is needed.

Since risk management is forward looking, interested and oriented to changing the future, the past is really irrelevant.  
The first task in applying Risk Management strategies to Health is to understand that health is something you already possess. The body as an entity is focused on survival, and as mentioned in a previous post, will do what it has to do to survive. 
The body has an inherent ability to heal itself, given time and the proper resources.
The second task is to identify and define those things in you life that positively and negatively impact your health?  List the positives and the negatives.
As far as the negatives (threats) are concerned,
Some things to consider:
  •  Do you have a positive outlook on life?  Do you enjoy your life?  What are those things that make you excited about waking up in the morning?  The mind and the thoughts are the foundation for everything. Everything begins with a thought. Anything that exists began as a thought in “someone’s” mind. 
  • Do you get at least on hour of fresh air daily?  The value of  fresh air and outdoor activity cannot be overstated. There is a positive influence on mental, physical and emotional states.  In addition, the lungs are cleansed, the skin is warmed, and the body relaxes.  All for free!
  • Do you smoke, consume too much alcohol, have a high stressful lifestyle, do not exercise regularly?
  • Do you cook and/or consume mostly processed foods – sodas, canned foods, ready made meals?
The key here is to look at what you do and see and feel how it affects your mental state and your physical body, then decide if it is life affirming or not.

The third task is to determine the things that you perceive make you vulnerable to health problems.  It could be genetics, family history, lifestyle activities; lack of information about your health challenges, or minimal or no health education or awareness. It could also be phobias, fear, or even “confidence’ about the state of your health.
After completing the above tasks you should be able to state: At this time, I take medications or am challenged with ____ disease state(s); and/or have a family history of _____, but going forward, my goals are to X,Y,Z, and my objectives to facilitate achieving those goals are ABC.
Sit with these three tasks for a few days as you go about your regular activity. You will find that new things may come up to add to the list, or you will be exposed to information that changes the way you view activities in your life.
Next time, through a series of case studies, we will discuss how to use the information you have collected, and apply strategic thoughts and actions to change your and your family’s health future.
Until then,
Live Eylan
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