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Risk Management I
Wednesday - May 14, 2014 20:54
Hello and Welcome Back!
In continuing our previous discussion about applying risk management strategies to health management, let us first define what risk management is.
What is Risk Management?
A continuous process though which we can identify, analyze, prioritize and address threats, to increase the likelihood that a desired outcome is achieved.  
“The purpose of risk management is to change the future, not explain the past.” - Dan Borge
This quote is very important in all applications and arenas from personal affairs to business. A business that has no risk management strategy in place fails!
In Risk Management, one does not look backwards. It’s not about the post-mortem.  Instead, it is a series of processes that allows businesses, large and small, to go from where they are to where they aspire to be by understanding and effectively managing their strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.  
As far as health is concerned, looking forward and being proactive is also an effective strategy. Because something happened in the past, does not guarantee that it will or has to happen in the future. Because there is a family history of diabetes or high cholesterol, obesity, etc, does not mean that each successive generation must be afflicted also. (See discussion in the Vol I Issue III of TIHP)
Healthcare Risk Management asks where you are and where would you like to be?
Taking control of your health starts now, today, right where you are, with what you have.  As long as you possess the capacity to imagine a positive, healthy future, and a willingness to do those things that change requires, risk management strategies can be applied to effect that change, and you will be successful.
In its entirety, the Risk Management Process looks like this, and it can and should be repeated as long as there are valuable assets at risk. 
Cycle Diagram

Until next time,
Live Eylan
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