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An Amazing Creation
Tuesday - April 29, 2014 13:37

After weeks of debating about what was going to be the topic of my first post, it finally came to me via a series of offbeat events.  
Firstly, I was introduced to “Parkour”, a wildly acrobatic movement featured in a movie called “District-9”.  Later the same evening, I was encouraged to watch a street dance form called “Popping”.  These viewings demonstrated the dynamic fluidity, grace and flexibility of the body. The next day, while discussing the diverse manifestations of a rare condition, I was suddenly struck by the sheer magnificence of the body, left speechless and inspired all over again.
The body is just absolutely fabulous, amazing! There are not enough superlatives to describe it.  It is a paradoxically complex yet structurally simple entity that is   Read more...
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Welcome To Eylan Health Blog
Monday - April 28, 2014 14:34
Welcome to Eylan Health Blog!

This blog is intended to effectively inform, inspire, incentivize and above all encourage you, to understand and enjoy this amazing creation, your body and essentially your health.
We will present information about diseases, foods, treatment modalities, and new things that I have discovered as I keep on learning and growing as an individual and a physician.
Please feel free to send us ideas about something that you would like to see discussed, and we will try our best to address it.
I hope that something here will inspire you to learn, grow, and live an exuberantly happy life, everyday.
  Enjoy & Live  
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