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Group Visits

    This can be considered an extended doctor's office visit where not only physical and medical needs are met, but educational, social and psychological concerns can be dealt with effectively. These sessions tend to be a more satisfying way to interacting with patients, while improving access to care.

    Traditionally implemented for elderly patients with chronic conditions, the group visit model has been shown to be effective in managing a diverse population of patient with the same illness.

This model of health care delivery, in addition to reducing the cost of care, is credited with:
  • Reducing hospitalization and re-hospitalization rates
  • Reducing emergency room visits
  • Delaying entry into long-term care facilities
  • Reducing the need for same day services and urgent care visits
  • Increasing overall patient and physician satisfaction with the care provided

In the group setting, patients have the opportunity to interact with each other and share their stories. This sharing allows the realization that that they are not the only ones facing a particular disease or situation, and allows everyone to benefit and be motivated by each others' experiences.

Group members have the unique opportunity to ask questions of both the doctor and other patients, and most report learning beneficial information from questions they did not think to ask.

Overall patients report that they gain new perspectives about their disease process, learn new coping strategies, are motivated and encouraged to implement difficult but behavioral changes in a supportive atmosphere thereby improving their outcomes.

In the near future, established patients at Eylan Health who carry diagnoses like diabetes mellitus, hypertension depression, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and heart failure will be invited to participate in monthly group sessions. During the allotted time, each participant will have the opportunity to meet privately with the physician to address any concerns.

Other condition specific groups may be added as the need arises.
Please stay tuned!

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