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The Clinic

Eylan Health is a low volume, high quality, value based, collaborative general medicine practice that expects every patient to be actively engaged in their care.
Using an integrative model of health, we emphatically emphasize patient education and honour collaboration, kindness, humility and creativity as we provide you with high quality, evidence supported care to address your health needs.
We believe there is value in listening closely to the patient and understanding their unique gestalt (composition) so as to develop manageable treatment plans that ensures success.

Why "Eylan"? (Pronunciation "ay-lan")
This is a variant of the French word élan meaning energy, enthusiasm, vigour, style.
It represents the quality of health and life I would like you, me, everyone to experience everyday, for life!

Our Goals:
  • To provide comprehensive, supportive, accessible, individualized health care to all patients by collaborating up with them as they pursue and embrace exuberant health and well-being as they understand it.
  • To create an accurate and accessible medical history for all our patients

Our Philosophy:
    Eylan Health is dedicated to serving your health care needs by:
  • Providing quality care that is accessible and affordable - Care when you need it!
  • Being respectful of your time
  • Ensuring that you are treated with dignity and respect regardless of your circumstances
  • Striving to understand and utilize the role that unique factors like gender, identity, history, culture, social support, coping skills, beliefs, physical attributes and environment play in determining your health
  • Believing that each person deserves the chance to live a robust and exuberantly healthy life
  • Valuing your autonomy while creating healing partnerships to support you as you make educated decisions about your health goals and care desires
  • Providing educational workshops and a Newsletter to educate and empower you to be An Informed Health Care Participant
  • Understanding the social, emotional, cultural and financial impact that therapeutic recommendations have on you and the healthcare system
  • Maintaining transparency and Integrity in all our pursuits
  • Being available for questions, and receptive to reasonable suggestions
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