An Amazing Creation
Tuesday - April 29, 2014 13:37

After weeks of debating about what was going to be the topic of my first post, it finally came to me via a series of offbeat events.
Firstly, I was introduced to “Parkour”, a wildly acrobatic movement featured in a movie called “District-9”.  Later the same evening, I was encouraged to watch a street dance form called “Popping”.  These viewings demonstrated the dynamic fluidity, grace and flexibility of the body. The next day, while discussing the diverse manifestations of a rare condition, I was suddenly struck by the sheer magnificence of the body, left speechless and inspired all over again.

The body is just absolutely fabulous, amazing! There are not enough superlatives to describe it.  It is a paradoxically complex yet structurally simple entity that is exhilarating to contemplate.
Just for a moment, be still. Feel and experience your entire physical structure - from the tips of your toes to the ends of your hair, and all in between.
Do you feel the energy pulsing and coursing through your limbs, your heart beating rhythmically, your breath lifting your chest, maybe your stomach contracting, your shoulders and neck muscles feeling a bit tense? All this and much more are occurring effortlessly, without your conscious input or consent.
After years of studying the body’s structure, function and physiological processes, I realized that the “body” is an independent entity with a goal of self preservation.  It was developed to adapt, support itself, maintain its function and thrive, even in the most adverse of conditions imaginable. 
Think about the body of an unconscious or comatose person, someone who is deprived of food or even someone in the throes of a disease. Doesn’t their bodily functions adapt to the prevailing situation to ensure survival?  It brings all forces to bear to live with the situation until exhausted and then death ensues.
Most of us never really contemplate the body outside of who “we” are. We do not think about our health - a natural state that is lively, free flowing, pain free, stress free, just blissful and lovely- until something not working to our liking.  We then call that state “dis-ease” - a word whose very meaning reflects the unnatural state of being “not at ease”, “not relaxed”, “not fluid”, “uncomfortable”, i.e. not in a state of health.”
After studying medicine and witnessing first hand the devastation that disease and the treatments proffered for their management wreak on the human form and psyche, I have decided that focusing on disease is depressing, discouraging, and frankly, a dead end proposition for all involved.
There is no upside! 
Devising and administering treatments geared towards helping the body live with disease ensures that one is always the victim and never in control, will always be reacting, forever stressed, worried, and  behind the proverbial “eight ball”.  All states that perpetuate the disease condition and promote further diseases.
Conversely, a resolute focus on health and those activities that facilitate health, grounded in a solid understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body, allows for a proactive, comprehensive, enthusiastic and lively existence.  Attending to health creates engagement, excitement, confidence, and consequently that which is pursued – good health and wellbeing!
So how does that focus on health lend itself to practical application?
No sorry.  I am not going to tell you to eat more vegies and fruit, exercise 30 minutes most days of the week, reduce stress, and all the other absolutely good advice, that we all know but seldom follow. I am however going to share with you a way to make acquiring and maintaining health a routine activity, like riding a bike, that may include some of those practices listed above.    
No more fads or diets or advice that is revised or debunked each time the winds change direction.  This radical (not novel) concept I am proposing has been deconstructed, streamlined and practiced since time immemorial, everyday, everywhere, by everyone, but seldom if ever actively practiced in relation to health management. 
It’s called Risk Management!
Many of you have heard about this concept in the business arena.  It is the process which informs business activities from organizational structure to acquiring assets and maintaining profits. It creates a streamlined approach to decision making that is based in fact and reality, rather than assumptions, ignorance and suppositions.
A high profile case of health related risk management involved an actress and the removal of her breasts after learning that she is at high risk for developing breast cancer.
A more significant and globally beneficial benefit of practicing health related risk management strategies is its potency as a stress reducer. 
Did you know that one of the major risk factors for diseases of all types, including depression, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, migraines, etc, is STRESS
Research has shown that stress, acute and chronic, regardless of source, actually cause changes in the anatomy and physiology of the body. Stress cause narrowing of blood vessels, atherosclerotic plaque deposition, shrinking and decreasing the number of the neurons in the brain, and specifically abdominal obesity. 
The body is a perfectly functioning entity that can survive and thrive in the harshest of conditions, and perform the most amazing feats. Just look at some National Geographic documentaries covering remote places of the world and the people that live there. Look at the things people can do with their bodies – elite athletes, contortionists, endurance runners, etc.  
The next few posts will introduce you to the concept of risk management, and provide you with the basic medical information you will need to make strategic, long term decisions to manage and maintain your health.  Along the way, we will discuss some problematic diseases, debunk the myths that keep you stuck in a disease mindset, and encourage you to develop the thought processes that will keep you healthy.

Live Eylan! 
Dr. M
May 28th, 2014 11:49 am
Hi Scott,
Thank you for visiting and your comment. With the state of health care and the requirement that patients become more informed about all aspects of their healthcare, I hope to provide a simple way to thinks about things so that anyone regardless of constraints can effectively interact with health care practitioners. Win-Win
May 27th, 2014 11:34 am
It truly is refreshing to hear this focus on using our intellect and vitality to move us forward and out of stress. We see examples of people who simply by their positive attitude and focus (drive & wants) move them and their bodies more easily through life. Some of these people don't even (or can't) follow good nutrition or other health suggestions, but they have a spiritual focus or the energy to do their passion (raise children, run a business, help others or a cause). We were just in England for two weeks and I was not impressed with the food choices in the restaurants but at the church cemeteries I saw lots of examples of people living into their 80's! Thank you for really "thinking" about how we can move our health forward in deductive-logical,& practical ways!
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