Risk Management III
Wednesday - May 14, 2014 22:11
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So you have made it a goal to live a healthy, robust, life, but it does not appear to be working out. You are in pain; you feel ill most days, you are scared about incurring medical bills so you do not see a doctor. Quite frankly you feel miserable and depressed. 
So what is missing?    How do you go forward?  

I trust that you are reading this article to see how the principles of Risk Management can help.  Grab a pencil and paper to complete the tasks as we go along.
When implementing the Risk Management process it is critical to be as brutally honest and thorough as possible. 
The only value that you past holds going forward is that it informs you that you are where you are because of the things that you have been doing anbd if you are not   Read more...
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Risk Management II
Wednesday - May 14, 2014 22:08
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Last time we defined Risk Management and how the process looks when implemented. In this post we will define a few other terms that are commonly used when discussing risk management and how they can be applied to health.
1. What is Risk?
According to risk management theory, risk is the positive or negative effect of uncertainty on objectives. Please note the very specific use of the term objectives in this definition. Its import will become apparent soon.   For risk to be present, there must be, a critical asset that is worth protecting and a vulnerability that can be exploited, and a threat that will exploit that vulnerability. In terms of health, risk can be introduced in a variety of ways. It starts with your genetic endowment, family history and
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Risk Management I
Wednesday - May 14, 2014 20:54
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In continuing our previous discussion about applying risk management strategies to health management, let us first define what risk management is.
What is Risk Management?
A continuous process though which we can identify, analyze, prioritize and address threats, to increase the likelihood that a desired outcome is achieved.  
“The purpose of risk management is to change the future, not explain the past.” - Dan Borge
This quote is very important in all applications and arenas from personal affairs to business. A business that has no risk management strategy in place fails!
In Risk Management, one does not look backwards. It’s not about the post-mortem.  Instead, it is a series of processes that allows businesses, large and small, to go from
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