The Informed Health Consumer


“For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged by better information or fuller consideration to change opinions, even on important subjects which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise..”

- Benjamin Franklin

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Introduction to TIHC
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Considering: Assuming the Role   
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Clinical Brief: ER or Office visit?  . 
Brain Gym: Word Puzzlers
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This is the inaugural issue of The Informed Health Consumer (TIHC), a newsletter published by Eylan Health dedicated to enhancing the health literacy of you, the health consumer.

Each month, we will strive to provide you with engaging content that explores medical concepts and ideas that will aid your understanding of the current healthcare landscape, your health challenges, and ways to improve your health.

We endeavor to achieve these goals by: 

· Reminding you of ways to effectively play your role as a patient or rather, an informed health consumer, to obtain the quality care you deserve in “Did You Know That...” &  “Quid Nunc? (What now?)”         

· Exploring general health concepts that impact healthcare decision making and health outcomes in “For Your Consideration

·  Acquainting you with reliable sources from which to obtain health information in “Research Resources”.

· Familiarizing you with common medical conditions, terms and new       recommendations and information that can affect your treatment in   “Clinical Briefs

· Introducing you to commonly used drugs and herbal supplements in “Know What You Use

· Providing tips and games to exercise, improve and sustain your mental acuity and wellbeing in the “Brain Gym

This month, we will focus on how each of us can become Informed Health Consumers. See the Supplemental content for more tips.  Enjoy! 


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Text Box:  January 2014 . Volume 1 . Issue 1

ž Obtain a current, legible medication list and carry it with you.


ž Ensure that all adults have an advanced directive or Power-of- Attorney.


ž Know the details of your insurance plan — Co-pays, premiums, deductible.


ž Be engaged: Manage your care effectively by asking many questions

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